So, you’ve found my site and want to know more about me huh?  Well, here are the highlights:

Job: Web Developer

Yup, I make websites.  It’s pretty fun actually, especially when using WordPress.  I really enjoy the CSS part of it all and making things look pretty.  I also love working with Advanced Custom Fields plugin and custom post types.

Fav Animals/Pets: Ummmm, pretty much anything

When I say anything, I mean anything. I like the typical dogs, cats (but I think I’m slightly allergic 🙁 ), fish… But I also am hoping to have a bearded dragon soon and maybe a snake or two. 😉

Fav Activities: DANCING!

I started dancing when I was 4, and took any class I could.  Tap, jazz, ballet, point, modern, contemporary, hip hop, pom……  I loved it all.  When I was thinking about what college to go to, I seriously thought about getting a dance degree.  Sadly that didn’t happen, but I’d love to take more classes to keep my skills up.

Fav Activities 2: ACTING!

That is another passion of mine.  This, too, was an option when thinking about college, but I settled for doing community theater.  It satisfies the performer in me but allows me to pursue my other interests.

Hobbies: Anything that has to do with making something

Seriously.  Jewelry, anything out of duct tape, “MacGyver”ing a fix for something around the house….

Education: Associate’s at WCTC

I absolutely loved going to WCTC.  The teachers were great, the students I worked with were mature and there to learn.

Other Interests: History

I love learning about history, as long as it doesn’t have to do with wars that started on a particular date.  I’m more interested in the stories of people, how they lived, the problems they had, and how they overcame those problems.  I think it’s super important for today’s society to understand the past.