Get the facts

As the primaries seem to be coming to a close and presidential candidates are gearing up for the general election, I’d like to say this to both sides who look at the other side in disbelief …

Name calling, ranting, and sharing memes may feel good, but it won’t do anything to persuade the other side. It will do the oposite. They will think you are ignorant and stupid and will in fact strengthen their own beliefs.

Facts should be the basis of your choice. Facts have no opinion. Facts can not be argued with. The best way to persuade the other side is with facts. Not “facts” from “Conservativopedia” or “LiberalLife” or whatever. Facts from real unbiased scientific sources.

Sure facts are interpreted to form opinions. But the more facts you know, the more informed your thought process. Don’t be afraid of facts from the other side. Be analytical of “facts” from both sides, but do not dismiss them outright. A quick Google search is sometimes all you need to verify something.

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